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Your vehicle’s most important safety component is its braking system. Nothing else in your vehicle’s performance is as important as its ability to slow and stop safely. Paying attention to the early warning signs gives you the best chance at quality brake repairs. Normal wear-and-tear will lead to a brake service need. Drivers should act fast when getting necessary repairs to their braking system. The earliest and most common sound is a high-pitched squeal every time you press your brake pedal. This is your braking system’s built-in alert to let you know when brake pads have worn too low. Bring us your vehicle for a quick but thorough brake check service. We’ll find out the true condition of your braking system and perform only the necessary repairs. Come to Perry’s Auto Repair & Care, an expert repair facility serving the Milford, OH area. Ensure your vehicle’s safe road travel with excellent brake repair services.

Guaranteed Brake Repair Services–

When drivers postpone their vehicle’s brake repair services, the run the risk of doing further damage. That squealing noise was no reason to panic, but it should never be ignored. Sometimes it can be hard for drivers to recognize the brakes’ noise from the vehicle cabin. Drivers should occasionally drive with windows down and car stereo’s off. This gives them the opportunity to hear what their brakes have been “saying.” Brake pads that are allowed to wear down too low will soon turn into a metal-on-metal grinding noise. This qualifies as an emergency brake repair need and you should cease driving your vehicle and bring it to Perry’s Auto Repair & Care. It may be necessary to have it towed to our facility to prevent further damage. Our ASE Certified techs can perform any necessary brake repairs to braking system parts, such as brake rotors, calipers, pistons and brake drums. We offer a lifetime warranty on all pads/shocks, and a 12 Month / 12,000 Mile warranty on labor.

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Get your vehicle’s brake repairs fixed today! There’s no time like the present when it comes to quality brake service. Improve your road travel as you remove all doubt and worry about your vehicle’s safety. Your vehicle should be stopping on a dime and handling tight curves. Our expert brake repair techs are ready to get your vehicle’s braking system sounding and driving safely. Give us a call today at 513-239-5792 to schedule your brake repair service. To save yourself more time, go ahead and use our convenient online scheduling system.